Welcome to the Festival of Mary 2021 headlined by the Partini, at 2pm on Sat 27 Feb

Venue Website - note ID will be needed.

COVID Note - please don't attend if you're sick!

What's happening?

Ahh, such existentialism! Your role is simply to show up and have a good time please, monsieur or madame!

Time: 2pm to 6pm

(Please Note: your attendance through to 6pm is not guaranteed; anyone ejected will be mourned and/or celebrated)

I Hate All The Drinks Options And Just Want To Buy My Own Drinks

Madame may of course do that.

Madame is most specific.

Where is the party?

Location: The Greens, Ridge St North Sydney - just next to North Sydney Oval

(If you end up in a cul de sac with a great view but a sketchy crowd exchanging money for small packages, that's a little too far, but it's within sight now)

Will we be bowling?

Oh f*ck no.

Is there an afterlife?

Obviously not.

I meant afterparty, I was drunk

Madame does enjoy her little jokes!

Heavy booze and light refreshments may be served after the formal events conclude, within walking distance of the venue.

We may have a cocktail keg or two, and balloons and shiz. Just in case.

What should I wear?

Just relax! Classy afternoon out in a park! But as there's been some angst - This.


Delightful Madame! But I'm still full from breakfast and wouldn't want to spoil my appetite.

Madame is most thoughtful.