The Festival Of Mary 2020 is proud to present: Mary's 40'th Birthday!

In: 7pm. Out: 11pm

What they're saying about Mary's Birthday

"Awesome!"; "Sick!"; "Misspelt!"; "Unprofessional!"; "Probably at least okay!"

Dress Code

Cocktail Hot.

If you think you look hot, you look hot. Ask Tristan, he sweats all the time.

Update! Token Sexist Comment: Ladies, you'll look fab no matter what! Guys: long trousers please! (Designer jeans are entirely okay)

The actual Star dress code is here!

Mary's muse is Charlize Theron (who we may later allow to play her in the biopic), but here's a mood board.

Upstaging the birthday girl is frowned upon, which is why we don't have Chyna at our parties anymore.

If you're really stuck, here's women's and men's tips from, like, someone.


The Library at the Star casino

The private elevator turned out to be a ruse by the venue, so just use the main Star entrance on Pirrama Street, come up the stairs/escalator towards the casino entrance, and turn right through the glass doors to Marquee.

There are other options - Marquee's PDF with directions is here.

You Will Need ID

You'll need something that proves your age and identity, as it's a NSW casino!

They don't allow any leeway on this - even if you're 90, you'll need ID. Mum.

Your names will be on the door. There won't be a queue because Marquee doesn't open until 2230 or so...

Staff should walk you through once you're checked in.

The Library

The Library is a private area behind the Boom Box room.

The staff will escort you to it, but just in case you wander off:

Once you go through the purple Marquee interior doors, turn left and hug the graffiti'd left wall around the boombox space.

Just before you reach the front windows, there's a door on the left to the library, just after the bathroom corridor!